Vegan Sugar Body Scrub 200g


✨Body sugar with sugar cane based on natural oils and with a lovely scent of sweet milky vanilla. Cleansing, care and pampering of all types of skin, especially dry skin. Apply scrub with gentle rotating movements, massage it into the skin, and wash it off afterwards. After scrubbing, your skin will be clean, smooth, soft, nourished and pleasantly perfumed with the sweet scent of vanilla.
✨Shea butter: Moisturises, cares for, protects and nourishes skin. It is an incredibly moisturising, anti-inflammatory, nourishing and creamy, and vitamin- and oxidant-rich butter, suitable for sensitive, under-nourished, damaged and dry skin.
✨Virgin jojoba oil: It is a natural liquid wax, a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin E. It moisturises and nourishes skin, while preserving its flexibility and elasticity.
✨Sunflower oil: It is a rich source of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It moisturises the skin, protects it from moisture loss, cares for it, nourishes it and helps it stay smooth and soft.
✨Brown sugar – cane, unrefined – 100% natural. In this product, it acts as an abrasive – removes dead cells from skin.

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