Wooden Cellulite Massage Roller Lymphatic Drainage Massager Maderotherapy (cube)


✨Box contents: 1 x massage roller (40 cm long) for maderotherapy massage.
✨Cube Roller - It adapts perfectly to the hips, waist, stomach, legs, butt and hands. It helps to break down local fat, as well as cellulite grounds in the skin.
✨The massage aid is used in Maderotherapy (Madero – wood), the completely natural and special technique that stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps to achieve cellulite as a result, while breaking the fat cells, improving blood flow and lymphatic flow throughout the body. As a result, the body is better supplied with oxygen and other nutrients that the skin needs to stay taut and firm.
✨Made from 100% natural wood. The exceptional quality and strength of the wood allows for long-term use.
✨Made in Europe.