Beach Surf Poncho for Children Adults Women Men 100% Cotton



✨Function: excellent for swimming suits or underwear in public. Ideal for holidays in nature, swimming in the pool or on the beach. Poncho is suitable for surfers, kiters, swimmers, divers, triathletes, cyclists, mountain bikers and other athletes, and generally for the whole family. This is not a towel poncho!
✨Package includes: Hooded poncho for extra protection against the wind. It also comes with a belt that allows women to quickly transform her poncho into an attractive and unique dress.
✨Quality: high-quality poncho made from 100% cotton. High quality, comfortable to the touch, very light.
✨Size: XS (75 x 45 cm (without hood)); M (90 x 60 cm (without hood)); L (105 x 65 cm (without hood) or XL (105 x 75 cm (without hood))
✨Care: Poncho can be washed in a washing machine up to 40 °C.