Wooden Cutting Board with Lid - Cheese Cover 28 x 18 cm


✨Quality: high-quality chopping board made of beech wood with juice channel. Box contents: 1 x chopping board with lid (dimensions: 28 x 18 x 9 cm; height between board and lid: 6 cm).
✨Function: the chopping board can be used as a kitchen board, breakfast board, bread board, serving board etc. or for storing cheese, cold cuts, bread, cake etc.
✨Protection: the chopping board is treated with a care oil and Belinka Oil Food Contact. The impregnation penetrates deep into the wood and makes the surface water-repellent. Belinka Oil is made from natural ingredients and does not harm health and the environment. To preserve and maintain the wood, the board should be oiled again as required.
✨Care instructions: the board is not suitable for the dishwasher. The quickest and easiest way to clean with water, then wipe with a cloth and allow to dry. Wooden board must never be left in the water as it can twist and break.
✨Storage: The chopping board is suitable for storing food in the fridge only for a shorter period of time (max. 24 hours), because the cold draws moisture from the board. This can cause it to warp or break. For storage for a longer period of time, we recommend storing in the coolest room of the apartment/house (e.g. pantry, cellar, etc.).