Maderotherapy Massage Set Anti Cellulite Massager Roller Massage Oil Sugar Body Scrub


✨Box contents: 1 x massage roller (40 cm long), 1 x massager (18 x 7 x 6 cm), 1 x vegan care oil body oil lavender, 1 x body scrub with brown sugar.
✨Massage Aid - Too many mental efforts and inappropriate and forced posture are two factors that cause mild or severe pain in the muscles of the neck, back and lumbar part of the spine. With daily relaxation, the wooden massage aid made of natural beech wood is enough for the perfect therapy and good health.
✨Body scrub with brown sugar based on natural oils and the stunning scent of sweet, milky vanilla. For cleansing, nourishing and pampering all types, especially dry skin. Apply scrub with gentle circular movements, massage into the skin and then wash off. After exfoliation, the skin is pure, smooth, soft, nourished and smells pleasantly of sweet vanilla.
✨Soothing Essential Oils + Precious Nourishing Natural Oils = Natural Massage Oil. The product is free from parabens, silicones and paraffins. It is suitable for vegans. The product is 100% natural.
✨Made in the EU.