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Article: How to Choose the Right Wooden Spatula

Holding wooden spatula in hand

How to Choose the Right Wooden Spatula

In the noisy kitchen successions, a wooden spatula is a welcome and functional helper for any dish. This utensil is your best friend in the kitchen and comes in handy when cooking anything from the simple, yet fabulous pancakes to even sauces that are on the verge of decanting. While using spatulas made of metal, silicone or plastic may sound modern and convenient, using one with a wooden design has a certain nostalgic appeal.

Why Choose a Wooden Spatula?

Wooden spatulas are a favorite among home cooks and professional chefs for several reasons. They are gentle on non-stick surfaces, preventing scratches and damage. They also don't conduct heat, making them comfortable to handle even when cooking at high temperatures. Additionally, wooden spoon are durable and can last for years with proper care.

Key Factors to Consider

Type of Wood

It could be realized that the type of wood used in making the spatula determines its quality. Many of the ideal woods are hardwoods whose merits include sturdiness; they include maple, oak, as well as cherry. These woods are also non-porous, meaning that they will not influence your food’s flavor or scent at all.

Design and Shape

Wooden spatulas are available in numerous forms such as round, oval or flat and in different sizes. It specifies that a flat spatula will come in handy when flipping and scraping while a curved one will be right when used for stirring and mixing. Some spatulas have slots located on the spatula’s body so that it can drain liquids when used. Take into careful consideration your cooking behavior to determine the design that is ideal for you.


It is necessary to mention the surface of a wooden spoon , which should be safe and easy for cleaning and maintaining. When selecting the best spatula to use, consider one with a non-stick surface and natural coating to avoid compromise on food safety. This not only helps in preserving the wood but also facilitates easy cleaning of the furniture item. It is also important to steer clear of spatulas with a glossy varnish or a synthetic coating, as these are likely to flake off and taint your food.

Handle Comfort

In this case, customers look for these items which provide them maximum comfort in the process of their usage. Make sure the end of the wooden spatula has a perfect grip when held in the hand and when in use. A good grip in your utensils will improve your efficiency as well as the experience of the process of cooking.

wooden utensils set

Best Wooden Spatula Set

Hand Wash Only: One must ensure that he or she washes the wooden spoon set using warm water and mild soap or clean it using a damp cloth. Never immerse it in water for long as it might lead to the wooden part to crack or even twist.

Dry Immediately: When you are done washing, make sure to use a clean towel and wipe your spatula immediately. If it is left to air dry the wood may swell, and cracks begin to develop on the body of the device .

Oil Regularly: To avoid drying of wood, or fading of the colors, you should occasionally treat your wooden spatula using food grade mineral oil or beeswax.


Selecting the best wooden spatula set can go a long way in improving your culinary experience. Hence, when selecting the wooden spatula it is important to consider the type of wood, the design, the finish and the comfort of the handle. It is important to maintain your wooden utensils properly so that they can last longer. For anyone, from the beginner to the professional, a set of wooden spatulas should come in handy in the kitchen.

You could take time and acquire the best wooden spatula for cooking, having lasting features that are traditional. For more versatile kitchen tools, go through a complete wooden utensils set that will provide your kitchen with all sorts of equipment that you might need. Happy cooking!

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