Do you ever have the feeling that you're a stranger in your own world? That something that should have been simple and practical has turned out to be anything but? That simple thing you thought you needed but don't use because its application is so complicated that it ends up in a wastebasket or on a shelf collecting dust before it serves its purpose ...
I, too, dislike dust and unnecessary clutter. I've tried to avoid them as much as possible since I was a child. I grew up in a family that seemed to live in lavishness. Fortunately, the truth was a little different... Maybe my parents could afford to buy me anything I wanted, but they didn't. This is why I concentrated on the rare toys, clothes, and items we possessed. I was a true master at disassembling and reassembling things while figuring out how to make everything as practical as possible. Practicality became a way of life for me. I simply shortened skirts that were too long. Clothes pegs were never just for hanging clothes. I even used them as a form of compensation... and a cooking spoon was never just a cooking spoon :)
The practical child in me grew stronger and more demanding. So demanding that I was constantly reminded of how I could simply create a better, more practical, and higher-quality story. Having no choice but to listen, I began to consider, design, create, disassemble, build, and use... for myself, you, and us.