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Article: Is it Safe to Cook With Wooden Utensils

Women cooking wood with wooden spoons and utensils

Is it Safe to Cook With Wooden Utensils

Do you ever think of the safety of your favorite wooden spoons and spatulas in the kitchen? These classic tools have been with us for centuries, valued for their natural feel and versatility. However, in today’s world, with a variety of materials available for kitchen utensils, the question arises: are wooden cooking utensils safe. Let’s examine the advantages and drawbacks of wooden utensils in modern kitchens.

Is it safe to Use Wooden Utensils in Modern Kitchens?

 The kitchen tools, safety is the most important thing, for example, the knives, the tongs etc. Many home cooks and professional chefs, both use wooden utensils because of their special qualities. What about the wooden cooking utensils, are they safe? The answer is definitely yes, if they are used and cleaned up properly. Wooden utensils are non-reactive, hence they will not transfer any harmful chemicals to your food unlike some plastics and metals. Besides, their tender nature guarantees they won't scratch your cookware, thus making them the perfect choice for non-stick surfaces.

Why Choose Wooden Utensils Over Plastic or Metal?

Wooden Utensils are the most favorable because they have several advantages compared to plastic and metal ones. The first thing is, wooden kitchen utensils are eco-friendly, usually derived from sustainable sources. Unlike plastic, they will not melt or produce toxins when exposed to heat. Wooden spoons are also kind to your cookware, thus, they avoid the scratches and increase the life span of your pots and pans. Besides, they also give a rustic look to your kitchen, thus, cooking becomes a happy and a relaxed activity.

What Are the Drawbacks of Cooking With Wooden Spoons?

Although many of the advantages of using wooden utensils are there, there are also some disadvantages which one has to consider. The main thing that is worrying about is that wood is porous, therefore it can absorb liquids and food particles. Therefore, cleaning and drying the utensils properly can result in bacterial growth if they are not done so. Besides, wooden utensils can be cracked or split due to the frequent exposure to water or if they are not maintained properly. Nevertheless, the problems can be reduced with the proper care.

wooden utensils set

How to Properly Clean and Maintain Wooden Utensils

The wooden utensils must be cleaned and maintained well to make them safe for use. Here are some tips to keep your wooden spoons and spatulas in top condition:Here are some tips to keep your wooden spoons and spatulas in top condition:

  • Hand Wash Only: Do not wash wood utensils in the dishwasher. Rather, wash them by hand with a mild soap and warm water.
  • Dry Immediately: Post washing, dry your wooden utensils directly with a clean towel to avert the absorption of moisture and possible bacterial growth.
  • Oil Regularly: From time to time, you should oil your wooden utensils with the food-grade mineral oil in order to avoid their cracking and maintain the wood in a good state.
  • Inspect for Damage: Always look for the indicators of damage or wear in your utensils. A wooden spoon or spatula that has started to crack or splinter should be discarded and replaced.

Expert Opinions on the Safety of Wooden Utensils

The majority of the experts in the cooking and health fields believe that wooden utensils are safe to use in cooking, if they are properly taken care of. As a matter of fact, the experts in the field of food safety have found that the crucial thing is the right cleaning and drying which is aimed to prevent bacterial infection. A lot of chefs also like wooden utensils because they last longer and the natural feel they bring to the cooking process is pleasant.


In the end, are wooden cooking utensils safe or not? Of course, using it with the right maintenance and care. Wooden utensils have a lot of advantages over plastic and metal ones, for example, they are eco-friendly, non-reactive and soft on the cookware. Through the compliance of easy cleaning and maintenance rules, you can make sure that your wooden kitchen utensils set will be a safe and precious part of your cookware collection.

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