2 Piece Wooden Massager Cups Set for Maderotherapy

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Revitalizing Wooden Cup Set – Elevate your skincare routine naturally with wood therapy! This set of wooden cups gives you a soothing massage and eases muscle tension while breaking down localized fat deposits and dimples in the skin.

Specification of 2 Piece Wooden Massager Cups Set for Maderotherapy:

  • Box contents: 2 x wooden cups (Φ 8 cm, Φ 10 cm) for Maderotherapy massage.
  • The set is used in Maderotherapy (Madero - Wood), the completely natural and special technique that stimulates lymphatic drainage and is better processed, while at the same time breaking fat cells, improving blood flow and lymph flow throughout the body. As a result, the body is better supplied with oxygen and other nutrients that the skin needs to stay firm and firm.
  • Made of Natural Wood - The outstanding long-lasting strength of natural wood makes our therapy cup tools a cut above the rest. Each stroke feels so good and won’t scratch your skin, making this wooden massage set a must for maderotherapy.
  • Finely Crafted Self-Care Essential - Give yourself a relaxing massage any time with this portable massager. Regarded as a popular self-care gift, this easy-to-use body cup massager helps deliver physically soothing benefits in the morning, at night, or whenever needed.
  • Produced in Europe.

Indulge in a personalized massage therapy session with our Wooden Massager Roller that targets specific areas of tension. The ergonomic design allows for a comfortable grip, giving you complete control over the intensity and pressure of your massage. Experience the synergy of nature's healing touch combined with ethical craftsmanship, creating a powerful combination that benefits both you and the planet.

In the field of relaxation and self-care, Tuuli is a beacon of peace. Our wooden massagers are carefully crafted to give you an unprecedentedly soothing experience. This guide/instruction is intended to reveal the secrets of using these exquisite wooden massagers to their fullest potential. From mastering their use to ensuring their longevity - we are here to provide you with the basic information and guidance you need. So let's embark on a journey to explore the realm of wooden massage tools.

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Instructions Tuuli Massagers

Your wooden massage tool is not just an object, but an invitation to immerse yourself in the embrace of tranquillity. Tuuli's commitment to excellence shines through in every stroke of wood and every detail of design. Discover the true potential of these masterfully crafted massagers by understanding their nuances, nurturing them with care and exploring the myriad ways they can enhance your moments of self-care. 

Thank you for creating the Tuuli story with us.

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