Discover the Holistic Benefits of Wood Therapy for Mind and Body

Wood Therapy: A Holistic Massage Technique with Aesthetic Benefits

Maderoterapia or Wood Therapy is a holistic massage technique that utilizes vigorous and often repetitive movements with specially designed wooden tools (massage rollers, contour scrapers and suction cups) that come in different sizes and shapes. Each wooden tool has a specific use for a particular area of the body. Maderoterapia has many holistic uses, such as it balances energy and reduces stress. In more recent years, this therapy has been used for its aesthetic benefits, since it can be used to firm and contour the body, reduce wrinkles, as well as eliminate localized fat and fight cellulite. Different wooden massage-like tools are used to help break down fat and cellulite. The wooden instruments are used to apply direct pressure to “problem areas” while naturally eliminating excess body fat.

Discover the Holistic Benefits of Wood Therapy for Mind

Discover the Benefits of Wood Therapy Tools for Lymphatic Drainage and Body Contouring

Wood therapy can be used on the full body for lymphatic drainage purposes as well as contouring particular areas of the body. Depending on the area of the body and the reason you are performing wood therapy, will determine the technique and tool that you use. While the majority of lymphatic drainage massage takes place in the abdomen, the whole body from the face, arms, back, thighs, and legs can benefit from lymphatic drainage as well as body contouring and slimming purposes.

Discover the Holistic Benefits of Wood Therapy for Mind

Effective Wood Therapy Tools for Different Body Areas: From Massage Rollers to Suction Cups

Massage rollers is used in an up and down motion (similar to a rolling pin) on the abdomen and in other areas where there may be localized and stubborn fat that needs to be removed from the body. This tool also helps to break apart cellulite fat pockets (dimples). It improves blood circulation, shapes the muscle, and smoothes the skin. It should be used for 5 minutes with massage oil.

Discover the Holistic Benefits of Wood Therapy for Mind

T Shape roller stimulates circulation and drainage in the lymph glands and will help eliminate the accumulated adipose tissue. This tool will help get rid of fat pockets in hard to reach areas and improve the appearance of cellulite while tightening the skin. Use massage oil on the body part that is being treated and move the tool up and down vertically on the treatment area.

Back roller has many uses. It can be used as a back massager to relieve pain and tension in the back. It can also be used to contour bra fat and the waist line. To relieve back pain you will use this tool simultaneously in a vertical motion on the back. To contour and get rid of stubborn bra fat and love handles, you will place the belt behind the client horizontally and move in a pulling motion from left to right and back and forth. Use massage oil when performing this treatment for best results.

Discover the Holistic Benefits of Wood Therapy for Mind

Contouring board is used to contour the body while assisting in the removal of excess fat through the lymphatic system. It drains water and facilitates the reconstruction of mobilized toxins and fats. It tightens and tones the skin. An oil such as jojoba or any oil that assists with tightening skin should be used when using this board. This board should be used after you awaken the body with a slight hand massage. It should also be used after the suction cup to assist in the drainage of toxins and fats.

Cups are used to suction fat from areas of the body where the fat has already been broken down by transferring the fat to the lymph glands. The suction cups work by reducing the localized adipose tissue and drawing out toxins while stimulating healthy blood flow. The suction cup should be used after all of the roller tools have been used. Remember the roller tools are used to break down toxins. Therefore, the vacuum cups are to be used to guide the fat and toxins to lymph glands. Light massage oil should be used when using the suction cup to drain out waste. Use this for 5 minutes by placing the suction on the treatment area and lifting it up quickly and placing down on the surrounding areas and repeating the motions.


Facial roller is used to stimulate circulation and tone the skin on the face. Use this tool on the forehead, cheek and neck in an up and down motion. You may use with a face firming cream for 5 minutes on each side of the face.

Mini contouring board is used to contour and help reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face. The Contour Board should be used after all Roller Tools.