Get Ready to Sculpt Your Body with the Power of Wood Therapy Technique

How to Use Wooden Massage Rollers for Effective Wood Therapy Treatment

The first step is to use massage oil to make sure that your skin is well lubricated. You may use an oil that has skin firming properties. The next step is to warm up the body and prepare it for wood therapy treatment by massaging the treatment area. You may roll the skin in and out with your finger tips and the palm of your hands. After you have massaged the treatment area with your hands, you will want to select the appropriate wooden massage roller to begin the wood therapy process.

Regardless of if you are performing wood therapy for lymphatic drainage or body contouring, you will need to understand which direction the toxins and fat must go in order to leave the body. The black circles represent the lymph glands where toxins and fat are filtered through the body. The arrows represent the direction you need to push the toxins and fat when you are performing wood therapy and lymphatic drainage. You want to use the suction cup and contour board when performing this action. Those two wood therapy tools will assist in draining.

Get Ready to Sculpt Your Body with the Power of Wood Therapy

After using the wooden rollers, you will need to use the suction cup. The suction cup acts as a vacuum in the sense that you will manually use it to direct the toxins and fat to the area of the lymph glands and away from the treated area. Contour Board is used to drain the toxins and fat. This tool is crafted so that it may be used alongside the curves of the body smoothly.  Depending on the area of the body you are focusing on, you will use the board to move the drainage in the direction of the arrows shown in the diagram.

When performing wood therapy on the face, you will follow the same format as the body. First begin with a face massage. Firmly massage the face in the direction shown on the diagram. After massaging the face, apply oil on to the skin. After you have applied the oil on the face you will use the roller of your choice. Firmly, but gently move the roller of your choice up and down and side to side. Be sure to move the tools in the direction of the lymph glands. You want to use the same technique as the face and for the neck. Massage the neck in the direction of the arrows in the diagram. Select your desired facial tool to begin tightening the neck. The face roller is great at reducing wrinkles and firming skin.

The next step will be to use the mini contour board. Board is used to assist in draining the waste in to the lymph glands.

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Get Ready to Sculpt Your Body with the Power of Wood Therapy

CLEANING: A wooden massager must not be cleaned with water. Clean it with a water-based disinfectant spray, wipe with a clean cloth and let it dry.

Wooden product elements are naturally dried and oiled with natural oil. Compared to plastic, wood is a natural material that lives and actively responds to impacts of the external environment. Do not expose wooden elements to moisture or rapid temperature changes. In such cases, minor deformations may occur on the wood surface, or the wooden element may even crack. The wood may feature several colour tones, ranging from a dark hue to a bright one.